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Title   Journal   Publication Date   Newsletter Issue  
Malaria Vaccines since 2000: Progress, Priorities, Products
Duffy, P.; Gorres, J.
npj Vaccines 2020-06-09 8.22 | Jun 10
Type I and Type III Interferons – Induction, Signaling, Evasion, and Application to Combat COVID-19
Park, A.; Iwasaki, A.
Cell Host Microbe 2020-05-27 8.21 | Jun 3
Immune Response in COVID-19: Addressing a Pharmacological Challenge by Targeting Pathways Triggered by SARS-CoV-2
Catanzaro, M.; Fagiani, F.; Racchi, M.; Corsini, E.; Govoni, S.; Lanni, C.
Signal Transduct Target Ther 2020-05-29 8.21 | Jun 3
Role of Neutralizing Antibodies in CMV Infection: Implications for New Therapeutic Approaches
Sandonís, V.; García-Ríos, E.; McConnell, M.; Pérez-Romero, P.
Trends Microbiol 2020-05-21 8.20 | May 27
Interaction between Microbiota and Immunity in Health and Disease
Zheng, D.; Liwinski, T.; Elinav, E.
Cell Res 2020-05-20 8.19 | May 20
Immunometabolism during Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection
Howard, N.; Khader, S.
Trends Microbiol 2020-05-11 8.18 | May 13
Environmental Factors and Host Microbiomes Shape Host-Pathogen Dynamics
Bernardo-Cravo, A.; Schmeller, D.; Chatzinotas, A.; Vredenburg, V.; Loyau, A.
Trends Parasitol 2020-05-05 8.18 | May 13
Immune Response to SARS‐CoV‐2 and Mechanisms of Immunopathological Changes in COVID-19
Azkur, A.; Akdis, M.; Azkur, D.; Sokolowska, M.; Veen, W.; Et al.
Allergy 2020-05-12 8.18 | May 13
Pathological Inflammation in Patients with COVID-19: A Key Role for Monocytes and Macrophages
Merad, M.; Martin, J.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-05-06 8.17 | May 6
The Trinity of COVID-19: Immunity, Inflammation and Intervention
Tay, M.; Poh, C.; Rénia, L.; MacAry, P.; Ng, L.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-04-28 8.16 | Apr 29
Chronic Immune Activation in TB/HIV Co-Infection
Sharan, R.; Bucşan, A.; Ganatra, S.; Mehra, S.; Khader, S.; Kaushal, D.
Trends Microbiol 2020-04-22 8.16 | Apr 29
Seek and Hide: The Manipulating Interplay of Measles Virus with the Innate Immune System
Ayasoufi, K.; Pfaller, C.
Curr Opin Virol 2020-04-21 8.16 | Apr 29
Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza: 100 Years of Progress, Still Much to Learn
Dunning, J.; Thwaites, R.; Openshaw, P.
Mucosal Immunol 2020-04-21 8.15 | Apr 22
SARS-Cov-2 Infection: Response of Human Immune System and Possible Implications for the Rapid Test and Treatment
Gabrilla, M.; Cristina, S.; Concetta, R.; Francesco, R.; Annalisa, C.
Int Immunopharmacol 2020-04-16 8.15 | Apr 22
COVID-19: Immunopathology and Its Implications for Therapy
Cap. X.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-04-09 8.14 | Apr 15
COVID-19: Risk for Cytokine Targeting in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases?
Schett, G.; Sticherling, M.; Neurath, M.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-04-15 8.14 | Apr 15
Breadth of Antibody Responses during Influenza Virus Infection and Vaccination
Kubo, M.; Miyauchi, K.
Trends Immunol 2020-04-04 8.13 | Apr 8
Plasmodium vivax in Hematopoietic Niches: Hidden and Dangerous
Silva-Filho, J.; Lacerda, M.; Recker, M.; Wassmer, S.; Marti, M.; Costa, F.
Trends Parasitol 2020-03-31 8.13 | Apr 8
The Role of Cytokines including Interleukin-6 in COVID-19 induced Pneumonia and Macrophage Activation Syndrome-Like Disease
McGonagle, D.; Sharif, K.; O’Regan, A.; Bridgewood, C.
Autoimmun Rev 2020-04-03 8.13 | Apr 8
Curing HIV: Seeking to Target and Clear Persistent Infection
Swanstrom, R.; Margolis, D.; Archin, N.; Cohen, M.; Turner, A.; Wahl, A.
Cell 2020-03-26 8.12 | Mar 1
Mimicry of Short Linear Motifs by Bacterial Pathogens: A Drugging Opportunity
Sámano-Sánchez, H.; Gibson, T.
Trends Biochem Sci 2020-03-30 8.12 | Mar 1
The Human Spleen in Malaria: Filter or Shelter?
Henry, B.; Roussel, C.; Carucci, .; Brousse, V.; Ndour, P.; Buffer, P.
Trends Parasitol 2020-03-30 8.12 | Mar 1
Immune-Microbiota Interplay and Colonization Resistance in Infection
Leshem, A.; Liwinski, T.; Elinav, E.
Mol Cell 2020-03-23 8.11 | Mar 25
Inflammasome Activation in Response to Intracellular Protozoan Parasites
de Carvalho, R.; Zamboni, D.
Trends Parasitol 2020-03-23 8.11 | Mar 25
Using Diverse Model Systems to Define Intestinal Epithelial Defenses to Enteric Viral Infections
Serist, E.; Cherry, S.
Cell Host Microbe 2020-03-11 8.10 | Mar 18
Dysfunctional Immunometabolism in HIV Infection: Contributing Factors and Implications for Age-Related Comorbid Diseases
Anzinger, J.; Landy, A.; Butterfield, T.
Curr HIV/AIDS Rep 2020-03-05 8.09 | Mar 11
Regulatory T Cells and T Helper 17 Cells in Viral Infection
Wan, Z; Zhou, Z; Liu, Y; Lai, Y; Luo, Y; Peng, X; Zou, W
Scand J Immunol 2020-02-24 8.08 | Mar 4
Chytrid Fungi and Global Amphibian Declines
Fischer, M.; Garner, T.
Nat Rev Microbiol 2020-02-25 8.07 | Feb 26
Considering the Immune System during Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Clostridioides difficile Infection
Frisbee, A.; Petri Jr., W.
Trends Mol Med 2020-02-18 8.07 | Feb 26
Trypanosoma Cruzi Calreticulin: Immune Evasion, Infectivity, and Tumorigenesis
Ramírez-Toloza, G.; Sosoniuk-Roche, E.; Valck, C.; Aguilar-Guzmán, L.; Ferreira, V.; Ferreira, A.
Trends Parasitol 2020-02-24 8.07 | Feb 26
Next-Generation Influenza Vaccines: Opportunities and Challenges
Wei, C.; Crank, M.; Shiver, J.; Graham, B.; Mascola, J.; Nable, G.
Nat Rev Drug Discov 2020-02-14 8.06 | Feb 19
CD8+ T Cells in HIV control, Cure and Prevention
Collins, D.; Gaiha, G.; Walker, B.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-02-12 8.06 | Feb 19
Urinary Tract Infections: Microbial Pathogenesis, Host-Pathogen Interactions and New Treatment Strategies
Klein, R.; Hultgren, S.
Nat Rev Microbiol 2020-02-18 8.06 | Feb 19
CD8+ T Cells in HIV Control, Cure and Prevention
Collins, D.; Gaiha, G.; Walker, B.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-02-12 8.05 | Feb 12
From Ancient to Emerging Infections: The Odyssey of Viruses in the Male Genital Tract
Tortocrec, A.; Matusali, G>; Mahé, D.; Aubry, F.; Mazaud-Guittot, S.; Et al.
Physiol Rev 2020-02-17 8.05 | Feb 12
Rethinking Mucosal Antibody Responses: IgM, IgG and IgD Join IgA
Chen, K.; Magri, G.; Grasset, E.; Cerutti, A.
Nat Rev Immunol 2020-02-03 8.04 | Feb 5
Skin Interface, a Key Player for Borrelia Multiplication and Persistence in Lyme Borreliosis
Bernard, Q.; Grillon, A.; Lenormand, C.; Ehret-Sabatier, L.; Boulanger, N.
Trends Parasitol 2020-01-29 8.04 | Feb 5
Host MicroRNAs and Exosomes That Modulate Influenza Virus Infection
Zheng, B.; Shou, J.; Want, H.
Virus Res 2020-01-28 8.03 | Jan 29
Metabolic Adaptations to Infections at the Organismal Level
Troha, K.; Ayres, J.
Trends Immunol 2020-01-17 8.02 | Jan 22
Key Roles of MiT Transcription Factors in Innate Immunity and Inflammation
Irazoqui, J.
Trends Immunol 2020-01-17 8.02 | Jan 22
AAV Vector Immunogenicity in Humans: A Long Journey to Successful Gene Transfer
Verdera, H.; Kuranda, K.; Mingozzi, F.
Mol Ther 2020-01-09 8.02 | Jan 22
Cross-Reactive Antibodies during Zika Virus Infection: Protection, Pathogenesis, and Placental Seeding
Zimmerman, M.; Wrammert, J.; Suthar, M.
Cell Host Microbe 2020-01-08 8.01 | Jan 15
The Evolutionary Genomics of Host Specificity in Staphylococcus aureus
Matuszeweska, M.; Murray, G.; Harrison, E.; Holmes, M.; Weinert, L.
Trends Microbiol 2020-01-13 8.01 | Jan 15
Regulation of Host-Microbe Interactions at Oral Mucosal Barriers by Type 17 Immunity
Gaffen, S; Moutsopoulous, NM
Sci Immunol 2020-01-03 8.00 | Jan 8
B Cell Memory: Building Two Walls of Protection against Pathogens
Akkaya, M; Kwak, K; Pierce, SK
Nat Rev Immunol 2019-12-13 7.49 | Dec 18
You Shall Not Pass: Memory CD8 T Cells in Liver-Stage Malaria
Lefebvre, MN; Harty, JT
Trends Parasitol 2019-12-13 7.49 | Dec 18
T Cell Antifungal Immunity and the Role of C-Type Lectin Receptors
Speakman, EA; Dambuza, IM; Salazar, F; Brown, GD
Trends Immunol 2019-12-05 7.48 | Dec 11
Pathogenic TH1 Responses in CHIKV-Induced Inflammation and Their Modulation upon Plasmodium Parasites Co-Infection Torres-Ruesta, A; Teo, TH; Chan, YH; Renia, L; Ng, LFP Immunol Rev 2019-11-26 7.47 | Dec 4
Adolescent Tuberculosis Snow, K.; Cruz, A.; Seddon, J.; Ferrand, R.; Chaing, S.; Hughes, J. Lancet Child Adolesc Health 2019-11-18 7.46 | Nov 27
Aedes aegypti Immune Response and Its Potential Impact on Dengue Virus Transmission Castillo-Méndez, M; Valverde-Garduno, V Viral Immunol 2019-11-18 7.45 | Nov 20
Advances Towards Curing HIV-1 Infection from Tissue Reservoirs Henderson, LJ; Reoma, LB; Kovacs, JA; Nath, A J Virol 2019-11-06 7.44 | Nov 13
The Regulation of CD4+ T Cells during Malaria Kumar, R; Loughland, JR; Ng, SS; Boyle, MJ; Engwerda, CR Immunol Rev 2019-11-01 7.43 | Nov 6
Modulation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity by Cytomegaloviruses Berry, R; Watson, GM; Jonjic, S; Degli-Esposti, MA; Rossjohn, J Nat Rev Immunol 2019-10-30 7.42 | Oct 30
The Good and the Bad of Natural Killer Cells in Virus Control: Perspective for Anti-HBV Therapy Fisicaro, P; Rossi, M; Vecchi, A; Acerbi, G; Barili, V; Laccabue, D; Montali, I; Zecca, A; Penna, A; Missale, G; Ferrari, C; Boni, C Int J Mol Sci 2019-10-13 7.41 | Oct 23
Fast and Fierce versus Slow and Smooth: Heterogeneity in Immune Responses to Plasmodium in the Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model Yap, XZ; McCall, MBB; Sauerwin, RW Immunol Rev 2019-10-14 7.40 | Oct 16
T Cell-Based Strategies for HIV-1 Vaccines Korber, B; Fischer, W Hum Vaccin Immunother 2019-10-04 7.39 | Oct 8
Role of Memory B Cells in Hemagglutinin-Specific Antibody Production following Human Influenza A Virus Infection Sangster, MY; Nguyen, PQT; Topham, DJ Pathogens 2019-09-28 7.38 | Oct 2
Restoring, Releasing or Replacing Adaptive Immunity in Chronic Hepatitis B Maini, MK; Burton, AR Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2019-09-23 7.37 | Sep 25
Immunological Lessons from Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine Development Ruckwardt, TJ; Morabito, KM; Graham, BS Immunity 2019-09-17 7.36 | Sep 18
Norovirus Encounters in the Gut: Multifaceted Interactions and Disease Outcomes Hassan, E; Baldridge, MT Mucosal Immunol 2019-09-09 7.35 | Sep 11
Rheumatic Manifestations of Chikungunya: Emerging Concepts and Interventions Suhbier, A Nat Rev Rheumatol 2019-09-03 7.34 | Sep 4
Therapeutic Strategies for Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Towards a Cure Fanning, GC; Zoulim, F; Hou, J; Bertoletti, A Nat Rev Drug Discov 2019-08-27 7.33 | Aug 28
Interplay between Intrinsic and Innate Immunity during HIV Infection Bergantz, L; Subra, F; Deprez, E; Delelis, O; Richetta, C Cells 2019-08-17 7.32 | Aug 21
Immune Responses against Enterovirus A71 Infection: Implications for Vaccine Success Aw-Yong, KL; NikNadia, NMN; Tan, CW; Sam, IC; Chan, YF Rev Med Virol 2019-08-01 7.31 | Aug 14
Protective to a T: The Role of T Cells during Zika Virus Infection Pardy, RD; Richer, MJ Cells 2019-08-03 7.30 | Aug 7
Hepatitis C Virus as a Unique Human Model Disease to Define Differences in the Transcriptional Landscape of T Cells in Acute versus Chronic Infection Wolski, D; Lauer, GM Viruses 2019-07-26 7.29 | Jul 31
γδ T‐Cell Responses during HIV Infection and Antiretroviral Therapy Juno, JA; Eriksson, EM Clin Transl Immunology 2019-07-17 7.28 | Jul 24
Lessons from Next Generation Influenza Vaccines for Inflammatory Disease Therapies Zimmerman, DH; Carambula, RE; Ciemielewski, J; Rosenthal, KS Int Immunopharmacol 2019-07-04 7.26 | Jul 10
Synergy between Th1 and Th2 Responses during Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection: A Review of Current Understanding Abebe, F Int Rev Immunol 2019-06-27 7.25 | Jul 3
Mast Cells in Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal Infection Immunity Piliponsky, AM; Acharya, M; Shubin, NJ Int J Mol Sci 2019-06-12 7.24 | Jun 26
Functional Aspects of T Cell Diversity in Visceral Leishmaniasis Jawed, JJ; Dutta, S; Majumdar, S Biomed Pharmacother 2019-06-10 7.23 | Jun 19
An Overview of the Immune Response and Arginase I on CHIKV Immunopathogenesis Pereira, APL; Suzukawa, HT; et al Microb Pathog 2019-06-06 7.22 | Jun 12
Vaccines and the Regulatory Arm of the Immune System. An Overview from the Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Model Cabrera, G; Marcipar, I Vaccine 2019-05-31 7.21 | Jun 5
Challenges in Estimating Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Ainslie, KEC; Haber, M; Orenstein, WA Expert Rev Vaccines 2019-05-22 7.20 | May 29
Caspase-8-Dependent Control of NK- and T Cell Responses during Cytomegalovirus Infection Feng, Y; Daley-Bauer, LP; Mocarski, ES Med Microbiol Immunol 2019-05-16 7.20 | May 29
Notch Signaling Orchestrates Helminth-Induced Type 2 Inflammation Webb, LM; Wojno, EDT Trends Immunol 2019-05-15 7.19 | May 22
CD4+ T Cell-Mediated Immunity against the Phagosomal Pathogen Leishmania: Implications for Vaccination Hohman, LS; Peters, NC Trends Parasitol 2019-05-09 7.18 | May 15
New Insights for Vaccine Development against Clostridium difficile Infections Pizarro-Guajardo, M; Chamorro-Veloso, N; Vidal, RM; Paredes-Sabja, D Anaerobe 2019-04-26 7.17 | May 8
T Cell Metabolism in Chronic Viral Infection Pallett, LJ; Schmidt, N; Schurich, A Clin Exp Immunol 2019-04-30 7.16 | May 1
Mosquito Antiviral Defense Mechanisms: A Delicate Balance between Innate Immunity and Persistent Viral Infection Lee, WS; Webster, JA; Madzokere, ET; Stephenson, EB; Herrero, LJ Parasit Vectors 2019-04-11 7.15 | Apr 24
Immune Effector Mechanisms in Malaria: An Update Focusing on Human Immunity Moormann, AM; Nixon, CE; Forconi, CS Parasite Immunol 2019-04-10 7.15 | Apr 24
Lessons for General Vaccinology Research from Attempts to Develop an HIV Vaccine Shapiro, SZ Vaccine 2019-04-09 7.14 | Apr 17
Macrophage Heterogeneity and Plasticity in Tuberculosis Khan, A; Singh, VK; Hunter, RL; Jagannath, C J Leukoc Biol 2019-04-02 7.13 | Apr 10
T Cell-Mediated Immunity to Malaria Kurup, SP; Butler, NS; Harty, JT Nat Rev Immunol 2019-04-02 7.12 | Apr 3
Toward DNA-Based T-Cell Mediated Vaccines to Target HIV-1 and Hepatitis C Virus: Approaches to Elicit Localized Immunity for Protection Mekonnen, ZA; Grubor-Bauk, B; Masavuli, MG; Shrestha, AC; Ranasinghe, C; Bull, RA; Lloyd, AR; Gowans, EJ; Wijesundra, DK Front Cell Infect Microbiol 2019-04-03 7.12 | Apr 3
Epigenetic Regulation of the Innate Immune Response to Infection Zhang, Q; Cao, X Nat Rev Immunol 2019-03-27 7.11 | Mar 27
Factors that Influence the Immune Response to Vaccination Zimmermann, P; Curtis, N Clin Microbiol Rev 2019-03-20 7.10 | Mar 20
The Evolving Role of T-Bet in Resistance to Infection Pritchard, GH; Kedl, RM; Hunter, CA Nat Rev Immunol 2019-03-07 7.09 | Mar 13
The Human Antibody Response to Influenza A Virus Infection and Vaccination Krammer, F Nat Rev Immunol 2019-03-05 7.08 | Mar 6
Trained Innate Immunity and Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection Koeken, VA; Verrall, AJ; Netea, MG; Hill, PC; van Crevel, R Clin Microbiol Infect 2019-02-23 7.07 | Feb 27
Unraveling the Host’s Immune Response to Infection: Seeing Is Believing Scott, BNV; Sarkar, T; Kratofil, RM; Kubes, P; Thanabalasuriar, A J Leukoc Biol 2019-02-18 7.06 | Feb 20
Role of IgG3 in Infectious Diseases Damelang, T; Rogerson, SJ; Kent, SJ; Chung, AW Trends Immunol 2019-02-08 7.05 | Feb 13
New Insights into Immunological Responses to Infection in Bronchiectasis Shteinberg, M; Shah, A; Elborn, JS Eur Respir J 2019-02-07 7.05 | Feb 13
Can Patrolling Liver-Resident T Cells Control Human Malaria Parasite Development? Walk, J; Stok, JE; Sauerwein, RW Trends Immunol 2019-01-31 7.04 | Feb 6
Considering the ‘Alternatives’ for Next-Generation Anti-Staphylococcus aureus Vaccine Development O’Brien, EC; McLoughlin, RM Trends Mol Med 2019-01-31 7.04 | Feb 6
Immunometabolism at the Interface between Macrophages and Pathogens Russell, DG; Huang, L; VanderVen, BC Nat Rev Immunol 2019-01-24 7.03 | Jan 30
Adaptive Immune Responses to Primary and Secondary Dengue Virus Infections St. John, AL; Rathore, APS Nat Rev Immunol 2019-01-24 7.03 | Jan 30
Sodium in the Microenvironment Regulates Immune Responses and Tissue Homeostasis Muller, DN; Wilck, N; Haase, S; Kleinewietfeld, M; Linker, RA Nat Rev Immunol 2019-10-15 7.02 | Jan 23
Vaccinia Virus-Mediated Cancer Immunotherapy: Cancer Vaccines and Oncolytics Guo, ZS; Lu, B; Guo, Z; Giehl, E; Feist, M; Dai, E; Liu, W; Storkus, WJ; He, Y; Liu, Z; Bartlett, DL J Immunother Cancer 2019-01-09 7.01 | Jan 16
Neutrophils and Malaria Aitken, EH; Alemu, A; Rogerson, SJ Front Immunol 2018-12-19 7.00 | Jan 9
Immunobiology of Monocytes and Macrophages during Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Lausen, M; Chrstiansen, G; Guldbæk Poulsen, TB; Birkelund, S Microbes Infect 2018-12-07 6.50 | Dec 19
Autophagy in the Renewal, Differentiation and Homeostasis of Immune Cells Clarke, AJ; Simon, AK Nat Rev Immunol 2018-12-07 6.49 | Dec 12
Fast Tracks and Roadblocks for Zika Vaccines Ghaffar, KA; Ng, LFP; Renia, L Vaccine 2018-11-21 6.48 | Dec 5
HCV-Specific T Cell Responses during and after Chronic HCV Infection Luxenberger, H; Neumann-Haefelin, C; Thimme, R; Boettler, T Viruses 2018-11-17 6.47 | Nov 28
The Monocyte-Macrophage-Mast Cell Axis in Dengue Pathogenesis Wan, SW; Wu-Hsieah, BA; Lin, YS; Chen, WY; Huang, Y; Anderson, R J Biomed Sci 2018-11-08 6.46 | Nov 21
Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Interactions with the Host Immune System: Opportunities for Nanoparticle Based Immunotherapeutics and Vaccines Bekale, RB; Du Plessis, SM; Hsu, NJ; Sharma, JR; Sampson, SL; Jacobs, M; Meyer, M; Morse, GD; Dube, A Pharm Res 2018-11-08 6.45 | Nov 14
Targeting Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Cure Chronic HBV Infection Gehring, A; Protzer, U Gastroenterology 2018-10-24 6.44 | Nov 7
Basics of CD8 T-Cell Immune Responses after Influenza Infection and Vaccination with Inactivated or Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Korenkov, D; Isakova-Sivak, I; Rudenko, L Expert Rev Vaccines 2018-10-26 6.43 | Oct 31
Improving the Breadth of the Host’s Immune Response to Lassa Virus Zapata, JC; Medina-Moreno, S; Guzman-Cardozo, C; Salvato, MS Pathogens 2018-10-28 6.43 | Oct 31
Antibody-Mediated Protection against Ebola Virus Saphire, EO; Schendel, SL; Gunn, BM; Milligan, JC; Alter, G Nat Immunol 2018-10-17 6.42 | Oct 24
Malaria Prevention: From Immunological Concepts to Effective Vaccines and Protective Antibodies Cockburn, IA; Seder, RA Nat Immunol 2018-10-17 6.41 | Oct 17
The Immune Response against Flaviviruses Campos, JLS; Mongkolsapaya, J; Screaton, GR Nat Immunol 2018-10-17 6.41 | Oct 17
Dengue Virus and the Host Innate Immune Response Uno, N; Ross, TM Emerg Microbes Infect 2018-10-10 6.40 | Oct 10
Interplay between Cellular Metabolism and Cytokine Responses during Viral Infection Zhang, S; Carriere, J; Lin, X; Feng, P Viruses 2018-09-24 6.39 | Oct 3
Cell and Animal Models for Studying Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Drug Development Hu, J; Lin, YY; Chen, PJ; Watashi, K; Wakita, T Gastroenterology 2018-09-19 6.38 | Sep 26
The Induction and Consequences of Influenza A Virus-Induced Cell Death Atkin-Smith, GK; Duan, M; Chen, W; Poon, IKH Cell Death Dis 2018-09-25 6.38 | Sep 26
Correlating Efficacy and Immunogenicity in Malaria Vaccine Trials McCall, MBB; Kresmer, PG; Mordmuller, B Semin Immunol 2018-09-12 6.37 | Sep 19
Operation of Mitochondrial Machinery in Viral Infection-Induced Immune Responses Lai, JH; Luo, SF; Ho, LJ Biochem Pharmacol 2018-08-31 6.36 | Sep 12
First Responders: Innate Immunity to Helminths Inclan-Rico, JM; Siracusa, MC Trends Parasitol 2018-08-31 6.35 | Sep 5
Immune Function of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells, Natural Killer Cells, and Their Crosstalk in HBV Infection Golsaz-Shirazi, F; Amiri, MM; Shokri, F Rev Med Virol 2018-09-02 6.35 | Sep 5
Effects of Mycoplasma Infection on the Host Organism Response via p53/NF-κB Signaling Borchsenius, SN; Daks, A; Fedorova, O; Chernova, O; Barley, NA J Cell Physiol 2018-08-26 6.34 | Aug 29
Masters of Manipulation: Viral Modulation of the Immunological Synapse Bayliss, R; Piguet, V Cell Microbiol 2018-08-19 6.33 | Aug 22
Prospects in Innate Immune Responses as Potential Control Strategies against Non-Primate Lentiviruses de Pablo-Maiso, L; Domenech, A; Reina, R; et al Viruses 2018-08-17 6.33 | Aug 22
The Role of Mononuclear Phagocytes in Ebola Virus Infection Rogers, KJ; Maury, W J Leukoc Biol 2018-08-10 6.32 | Aug 15
The Role of Follicular Helper CD4 T Cells in the Development of HIV-1 Specific Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses Moysi, E; Petrovas, C; Koup, RA Retrovirology 2018-08-06 6.31 | Aug 8
Correlates of Vaccine-Induced Protective Immunity against Ebola Virus Disease Madaglini, D; Santoro, F; Siegrist, CA Semin Immunol 2018-07-21 6.30 | Aug 1
Natural Killer Cell Specificity for Viral Infections Hammer, Q; Ruckert, T; Romagnani, C Nat Immunol 2018-07-19 6.29 | Jul 25
Mechanisms of M. tuberculosis Immune Evasion as Challenges to TB Vaccine Design Ernst, JD Cell Host Microbe 2018-07-11 6.28 | Jul 18
Overcoming Barriers in the Path to a Universal Influenza Virus Vaccine Coughlan, L; Palese, P Cell Host Microbe 2018-07-11 6.28 | Jul 18
Malaria Vaccines: Recent Advances and New Horizons Draper, SJ; Sack, BK; King, CR; Nielsen, CM; Rayner, JC; Higgins, MK; Long, CA; Seder, RA Cell Host Microbe 2018-07-11 6.27 | Jul 11
Zika Virus Vaccine: Progress and Challenges Shan, C; Xie, X; Shi, PY Cell Host Microbe 2018-06-28 6.26 | Jul 4
Recent Advances on T-Cell Exhaustion in Malaria Infection Shankar, EM; Vignesh, R; Dash, AP Med Microbiol Immunol 2018-06-23 6.25 | Jun 27
Zika Virus Vaccines Abbink, P; Stephenson, KE; Barouch, DH Nat Rev Microbiol 2018-06-19 6.24 | Jun 20
Effects of Type I Interferons in Malaria Sebina, I; Haque, A Immunology 2018-06-16 6.24 | Jun 20
Immunological Mechanisms of Human Resistance to Persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection Simmons, JD; Stein, CM; Seshadri, C; Campo, M; Alter, G; Fortune, S; Schurr, E; Wallis, RS; Churchyard, G; Mayanja-Kizza, H; Boom, WH; Hawn, TR Nat Rev Immunol 2018-06-12 6.23 | Jun 13
Harnessing Immune History to Combat Influenza Viruses Guthmiller, JJ; Wilson, PC Curr Opin Immunol 2018-06-08 6.23 | Jun 13
Current Status of Zika Vaccine Development: Zika Vaccines Advance into Clinical Evaluation Barrett, ADT npj Vaccines 2018-06-11 6.23 | Jun 13
Antibodies and Tuberculosis: Finally Coming of Age? Li, H; Javid, B Nat Rev Immunol 2018-06-05 6.22 | Jun 6
Friends and Foes of Tuberculosis: Modulation of Protective Immunity None J Intern Med 2018-05-27 6.21 | May 30
A Review of the Ongoing Research on Zika Virus Treatment da Silva, S; Martins, DOS; Jardim, AC Viruses 2018-05-14 6.20 | May 23
HIV-1 Vaccines Based on Antibody Identification, B Cell Ontogeny, and Epitope Structure Kwong, PD; Mascola, JR Immunity 2018-05-15 6.19 | May 16
Immunological Responses to Influenza Vaccination: Lessons for Improving Vaccine Efficacy Wang, TT; Bournazos, S; Ravetch, JV Curr Opin Immunol 2018-05-10 6.19 | May 16
Influenza Vaccines: ‘Tailor-Made’ or ‘One Fits All’ Saletti, G; Gerlach, T; Rimmelzwaan, GF Curr Opin Immunol 2018-05-04 6.18 | May 9
Immune Ecosystem of Virus-Infected Host Tissues Maarouf, M; Rai, KR; Goraya, MU; Chen, JL Int J Mol Sci 2018-05-06 6.18 | May 9
Can Broadly Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Lead to a Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine? Kinchen, VJ; Cox, AL; Bailey, JR Trends Microbiol 2018-04-24 6.17 | May 2
HIV Vaccination: A Roadmap among Advancements and Concerns Trovato, M; D’Apice, L; Prisco, A; De Berardinis, P Int J Mol Sci 2018-04-19 6.16 | Apr 25
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