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Immunology of Infectious Disease News 1.22 August 14, 2013
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Protection against Malaria by Intravenous Immunization with a Nonreplicating Sporozoite Vaccine
Researchers report that the Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites (PfSPZ) vaccine was safe and well-tolerated when administered four to six times intravenously (IV) to 40 adults. PfSPZ-specific antibody and T cell responses were dose-dependent. These data indicate that there is a dose-dependent immunological threshold for establishing high-level protection against malaria that can be achieved by IV administration of a vaccine that is safe and meets regulatory standards. [Science] Abstract | Press Release
Hassle-Free PBMC Isolation in Just 15 Minutes
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Notch2-Dependent Classical Dendritic Cells Orchestrate Intestinal Immunity to Attaching-and-Effacing Bacterial Pathogens
Scientists used genetic techniques to deplete mice of specific subsets of classical dendritic cells and analyzed immunity to the attaching-and-effacing pathogen Citrobacter rodentium. [Nat Immunol] Abstract

CD8 T Cell Exhaustion in Human Visceral Leishmaniasis
To better understand the role of CD8 T cells in human visceral leishmaniasis, the authors examined molecules associated with anergy and cytotoxic T lymphocytes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and splenic aspirates, and in CD8 cells derived from these tissues. [J Infect Dis] Abstract

Cytokine and Chemokine Profiles in Lung Tissues from Fatal Cases of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)
Researchers investigated viral load, the immune response, and apoptosis in lung tissues from 50 fatal cases with 2009 pH1N1 virus infection. The results suggested that 7 of the 27 cytokines/chemokines showed remarkably high expression, including IL-1 receptor antagonist protein, IL-6, tumor necrosis factor-α, IL-8, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, macrophage inflammatory protein 1-β, and interferon-inducible protein-10 in lung tissues of 2009 pH1N1 fatal cases. [Am J Pathol] Abstract

TNF-α Acts as an Immunoregulator in the Mouse Brain by Reducing the Incidence of Severe Disease Following Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infection
The authors’ findings provide the first evidence that TNF-α has an immunoregulatory effect on pro-inflammatory cytokines in the central nervous system during Japanese encephalitis virus infection and consequently protects the animals from fatal disease. [PLoS One] Full Article

CD8low T-Cell Subpopulation Is Increased in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Peripheral blood samples of 47 chronic hepatitis B patients and 19 healthy controls were collected and tested for the frequency and phenotype of CD8+ T cells with down-regulated CD8 expression (CD8low T cells). [Mol Immunol] Abstract


Clinical Impact of Altered T-Cell Homeostasis in Treated HIV Patients Enrolled in a Large Canadian Observational Cohort
Scientists investigated the probability of transitioning in or out of the CD3+ T-cell homeostatic range during antiretroviral therapy, and they assessed the clinical impact of lost T-cell homeostasis on AIDS-defining illnesses or death. [AIDS] Abstract

B Cells from Knock-In Mice Expressing Broadly Neutralizing HIV Antibody b12 Carry an Innocuous B Cell Receptor Responsive to HIV Vaccine Candidates
To generate small animal models to test vaccine candidates, scientists generated targeted transgenic (knock-in) mice expressing, in the physiological Ig H and L chain loci, two well-studied broadly neutralizing antibodies: 4E10, which interacts with the membrane proximal external region of gp41, and b12, which binds to the CD4 binding site on gp120. [J Immunol] Abstract

Discordance in CD4+T-Cell Levels and Viral Loads with Co-Occurrence of Elevated Peripheral TNF-α and IL-4 in Newly Diagnosed HIV-TB Co-Infected Cases
Researchers aimed to collect the baseline information pertaining to the immune status of HIV-tuberculosis (TB) co-infected patients and correlate the same with CD4+T cell levels and viral loads at the time of diagnosis prior to any drug therapy. [PLoS One] Full Article

IL-4 and IL-13 Mediated Down-Regulation of CD8 Expression Levels Can Dampen Anti-Viral CD8+ T Cell Avidity Following HIV-1 Recombinant Pox Viral Vaccination
The authors have previously shown that mucosal HIV-1 recombinant pox viral vaccination can induce high, avidity HIV-specific CD8+ T cells with reduced interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-13 expression compared to, systemic vaccine delivery. In this study, they investigated how these cytokines act to regulate anti-viral CD8+ T cell avidity following HIV-1 recombinant pox viral prime-boost vaccination. [Vaccine] Abstract

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Free Nature Reviews Immunology Poster: The Immune Response to HIV
The Immunopathogenesis of the HIV Tuberculosis Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome
The authors review the risk factors associated with tuberculosis-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (TB-IRIS), the challenges in studying this syndrome, and how T lymphocytes, dysregulated cytokine responses, and innate immunity may contribute to the development of TB-IRIS. [Eur J Immunol] Abstract

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ViiV Healthcare Announces U.S. Approval of Tivicay® (Dolutegravir) for the Treatment of HIV-1
ViiV Healthcare announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Tivicay® 50-mg tablets. Tivicay is an integrase inhibitor indicated for use in combination with other antiretroviral agents for the treatment of HIV-1 in adults and children aged 12 years and older weighing at least 40 kg. [GlaxoSmithKline plc]
Press Release

NanoViricides Announces that DengueCide™ Has Received Orphan Drug Designation From the US FDA
NanoViricides, Inc. announced that DengueCide™, its drug candidate for the treatment of dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever, has been officially designated as an orphan drug by the US FDA. [NanoViricides, Inc.]
Press Release

Alere Receives FDA Approval for Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo
Alere Inc. announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its pre-market application to market Alere Determine™ HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo in the United States for the detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV-1/HIV-2. [PR Newswire Association LLC] Press Release

GE, University of Washington to Develop “Diagnostics-on-Demand” Medical Device for Infectious Disease Detection
Scientists at GE Global Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Co., are working with a team based at the University of Washington to develop a new medical device, the size of a pack of playing cards, that can detect infectious disease by way of a simple nasal swab, in less than an hour. [Business Wire] Press Release | Video
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NEW 9th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases (ISPPD)
March 9-13, 2014
Hyderabad, India

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NEW Professor of Immunology – Centre for Infection and Immunity (Queen’s University Belfast)

NEW Research Technologist – Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Products (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Tenure-Track Position – Cell Biologist (McGill University)

Postdoctoral Positions – AIDS Vaccine and Human Gene Therapy (GeneCure Biotechnologies)

Research Scientist – Virus-Host Interaction (Heinrich Pette Institute)

PhD Position – Study of the Loading of Antigens and Immunomodulating Agents in Nanoparticles for Improved Delivery of Antigens in Mucosa (Universite Lille 2 Droit et Sante)

Postdoctoral Fellow – Pathogenesis of AIDS (Ulm University Medical Center)

Postdoctoral Scientist – Humoral Responses against HIV (Seattle BioMed)

Director of Cell Processing Facility (S L Collins Associates, Inc.)

Research Scientist/Senior Research Officer – Monoclonal Antibodies (Bioprocessing Technology Institute/A*STAR)

Junior or Senior Group Leader – Immunology/Infection/Inflammation (Center of Pathophysiology of Toulouse Purpan)

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